Crimson Mini Dew Drops
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Crimson Mini Dew Drops

This combination is a mixture 4mm red and pearl mini dew drops with 6mm black dew drops.  Our Mini Dew Drops are great because they are 4mm and flat on one side.  They can easily be adhered to most surfaces with most glue.  We recommend clear drying glue because of the transparency of some of the colors.  The Mini Dew Drops have a brilliant color palette.  Use for scrapbook pages, cards, mini book albums and other projects.  We have glues them to flower pots, foam balls, cardboard, frames, even metal. 

 Each package of dew drops comes with about 150 mini dew drops.  They are packaged in a lip stick container. For more on our featured sample project visit our blog:

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Crimson Mini Dew Drops

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